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In this section I want to tell you more about me and how my love for vintage watches began.


When I started medical school I became more and more interested in vintage watches. Surfing through ebay and other websites I was on the hunt to find rare and unique timepieces in an affordable pricerange. Being a student I had a lot of time to fullfill my passion and  interest. As I started working as pediatrician the time got less but the passion grew more and more. This is why I established my little sidebusiness. Not to achieve huge profit but rather to share my passion with you. Staying with the motto "a gentleman's wrist is like his visit card" I am happy to improve some mens appearance.


I offer WRISTCLASSICS from different decades and on various price levels. Just like back in the days when money was small, rarity and uniqueness counts more than exclusive brands. I only buy and sell watches I would wear myself. For every timepiece you find at WRISTCLASSICS there is a special reason why it is in my inventory. No matter if it is the reference, the dial, the movement or the story behind it, I only offer watches I feel excited about. 

Sincerely yours

Dr. med. Alexander Kossmann

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