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Most of the watches have been serviced by an experienced watchmaker I cooperate with. If the watches have not been serviced it is mentioned in the productdetails. The watches have been checked in terms of function and accuracy. Considering that some of the watches are almost a century old and knowing about the fragility of vintage watches I do not provide any guarantee on movement accuracy, water-proofing or any other mechanical guarantee unless stated. I do my best to describe, to take detailed pictures and to assist you to achieve transparency to the fullest. In case a sold watch does not fulfill your expectations, I will of course search for a solution to ensure your customer satisfaction. Due to the antique nature of these collectible pieces, we recommend avoiding all contact with water or moisture as none of the watches are guaranteed to be water resistant. Please feel free to contact me via E-Mail in case you have further questions on the condition or functions of the respective watch. If needed, I am happy to offer you an appointment to get in touch with you on the phone.


Of course I am always looking for vintage watches to buy. If you want to sell your vintage watch do not hesitate and feel free to write me an email ( I would be happy to receive some pictures and information about the watch. If the timepiece is worth considering, I will send you an offer immediately.


All straps you can find on WRISTCLASSICS are handcrafted and made in Bavaria, Germany. The leather is vegetable tanned and sourced from local farmers. All straps offer the highest standards in quality and biological production. The straps are offered in a width of 18 and 20 mm. If you are interested in a special strap, of which there is not the right width in stock, please contact me and you can purchase the strap in a customized width.


Most of the watches you can find on WRISTCLASSICS are between 50 up to 80 years old and the majority are mechnical watches. Even though all watches are checked and serviced by a respected watchmaker, timepieces of this age a fragile and should be handled with care. In general I only sell watches which do "keeping time" so they can be used on a daily basis. But you should keep in mind that of course vintage watches can`t provide the accuarcy of a modern or a quartz watch. 


If you would like to see the movement or serialnumber of the watch you are interested in, we are happy to send you the needed information via mail.


All prices are given in Euro. All payments and refunds are issued in the same currency unless stated or requested otherwise.

The prices are excluding the shippingcosts. Watches will not be shipped until funds have been securely received in full.

You can buy your watch in the shop either with a payment through paypal or stripe. If you would like to pay the watch by banktransfer please contact us and the watch will be put on hold as soon as your request is processed. 

Bank-transfer: If you would like to pay by banktransfer please contact us for bank details. As soon as your request is processed the watch will be on hold until funds have been receiced in full.

Credit-card: Stripe



Watches will be shipped when fund have been securely received in full. The items will be shipped insured and with a tracking number. A signature by the reciever is necessary.


I provide a 14-day return policy. The item has to be shipped to WRISTCLASSICS fully insured on your cost. Also the refund will take place excluding the paymentcosts. When the item is received by WRISTCLASSICS and it is ensured that the item is in the same condition as before shipping to the customer the refund will be done. If you are not satisfied by the watch, the function or accuarcy please contact me by email or phone. 

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