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AQUASTAR Deepstar Chronograph "Big Eye" - 1960s

AQUASTAR Deepstar Chronograph "Big Eye" - 1960s

Brand: Aquastar Geneve

Year: 1960

Model: Deepstar

Serial: 515886

Material: stainless steel

Movement: automatic

Case diameter without crown: 38 mm

Bracelet/Strap:  leatherstrap

Service-history: unkown, running well, all functions in working order

What you should know: probably one of the best if not even the best Aquastar Deepstar on the market, comes with the original box, unpolished


AQUASTAR Deepstar Chronograph - 1960s


The best Aquastar Deepstar 'Big Eye' on the market.


Condition, condition, condition! Here we have a beautiful Aquastar Deepstar diver's watch, a wonderful example of a historic and sporty timepiece. Aquastar Geneve is probably not a very well known brand to some people, but what it lacks in notoriety it makes up for with this stunning design and historical significance. The Deepstar was worn by Cousteau and his team on numerous expeditions in the 1960s and could be seen on their wrists in photos until the mid-1970s. French freediver Jacques Mayol wore a Deepstar for many years, not because of its decompression bezel, but because of its chronograph, which allowed him to measure the time he stopped breathing during his deep apnea dives. He wore the watch when he set the depth record of 75 meters on a single breath in 1968. Dating to the 1960s this classic model is fitted in a perfectly sized, well-preserved 38 mm case in unpolished condition. It offers a fairly wide-set bezel that gives this watch a nice presence. The dial is allover in clean condition and the luminous material on both the dial and hands have aged to a very pleasing deep yellow patina. The simple Aquastar-logo alongside the indexes and beautiful hands are harmonious and well balanced. The crown is original. This WRISTCLASSIC is powered by a valjoux 23 automatic movement, running strong and keeping time well. The watch comes with the original Aquastar Geneve box. This Aquastar is a rare timepiece and a true WRISTCLASSIC with perfect proportions, timeless styling and a great reference to the diving-sport. And in terms of condition i have to say: The best Aquastar Deepstar 'Big Eye' on the market. This is the real deal - everything you would want in a vintage diver.


Aquastar was founded 1962 in Geneva on the lake Leman side. Aquastar started off with different collections of diving watches. Participating in various diving expeditions, Aquastar became quickly a known and respected producer of diving watches. Further on Aquastar started to produce watches for the sailing and yacht races. The result of it was to launch on the market the first specific regatta watch.


Why buy a vintage watch?


There are many great reasons to buy a vintage watch. Every watch we sell here at WRISTCLASSICS has its own story. Over the years, with every scratch, dent and aging of the dial, they have become unique timepieces of their own. This exact watch you are looking at now, once brought a lot of joy to the first owner with the purchase years ago. And now many years later this vintage watch will bring the same joy to your life. With buying a vintage watch you are showing your commitment to protecting the enviroment, instead of supporting the mass production of modern fashion watches.


I hope this helps you with your decision of buying a vintage watch here at WRISTCLASSICS.

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