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GALLET MultiChron Pilot Chronograph Excelsior Park 40-68 - 1970

GALLET MultiChron Pilot Chronograph Excelsior Park 40-68 - 1970

Brand: Gallet Company

Year: 1970

Model: MultiChron Pilot

Reference: -

Material: stainless steel

Movement: Excelsior Park 40-68

Case diameter without crown: 38 mm

Bracelet/Strap: stainless steel by Zodiac

Service-history: unknown, running perfect, all functions in working order

What you have to know: stunning original condition, unpolished, perfect aged dial


GALLET MultiChron Pilot Chronograph Excelsior Park 40-68 - 1970


Here we have a beautiful Gallet MultiChron Pilot Chronograph, a wonderful example of a rare 1970s chronograph. This WRISTCLASSIC comes with a crisp case in great and unpolished condition. Dating to the 1970s this classic model measures 38 mm. The dial is in nice vintage condition and the large hands give this piece extra charm and character. Powered by a high grade Excelsior Park 40-68 movement, running strong and keeping time well, it is ready for its job. The watch comes with a stainless steel small brick bracelet by Zodiac, completing this cool and sportive chronograph. This extraordinary timepiece is getting harder and harder to find nowadays.


Gallet as a historical Swiss manufacturer of first-class watches for professional, military, sports and aviation purposes is the world's oldest clock making house dating back to Mr. Humbertus Gallet, a clock maker who became a citizen of Genève in 1466. The Gallet Company of today is one of the few existing independent Swiss watch brands still upholding in-house manufacturing facilities.


Why buying a vintage watch?


There are many great reasons to buy a vintage watch. Every watch we sell here at WRISTCLASSICS has its own story. Over the years, with every scratch, dent and aging of the dial, they have become unique timepieces of their own. This exact watch you are looking at now, once brought a lot of joy to the first owner with the purchase years ago. And now many years later this vintage watch will bring the same joy to your life. With buying a vintage watch you are showing your commitment to protecting the enviroment, instead of supporting the mass production of modern fashion watches.


I hope this helps you with your decision of buying a vintage watch here at WRISTCLASSICS.

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