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GIRARD PERREGAUX Casquette Ref. 9939 - 1976

GIRARD PERREGAUX Casquette Ref. 9939 - 1976

Brand: Girard Perregaux 
Year: 1976
Model: Casquette
Reference: 9939
Material: plastic
Movement: quarz
Case diameter without crown: 32 x 42 mm
Bracelet/Strap: original GP plastic bracelet and signed steel clasp
Service-history: unknown, running well
What you should know: allover great condition, LED Display in perfect working order


GIRARD PERREGAUX Casquette Ref. 9939 1976


Here we have Girard Perregaux Casquette, a cool 70s quartz-watch. This beautiful vintage watch comes with a crisp-case in great condition without any major dents or scratches. Dating to the 1970s, this futuristic model measures  32x42 mm. The LED display can be activated by the pusher on the side and is in perfect working order. The Casquette was produced from 1976 to 1978. During that period, Girard-Perregaux made 8200 examples of this innovative quarz watch. Over the years, it has become much sought after by watch aficionados and style conscious wearers. It’s a true WRISTCLASSIC with perfect proportions, timeless styling, and a great reference to 70s.


If you want to learn more about this GP click here.


Girard Perregaux was founded in 1852 by Constantin Othenin Girard. First the company was named Girard & Cie. After two years the founder was married to Marie Perregaux, where the name Girard Perregaux comes from. 1957 GP introduced the first Gyromatic movement. At that time the Gyromatic movements were one of the best and precise automatic movements on the market. 1966 GP came up with the first High-Frequency movement, providing 36000 beats per hour.


Why buying a vintage watch?


There are many great reasons to buy a vintage watch. Every watch we sell here at WRISTCLASSICS has its own story. Over the years, with every scratch, dent and aging of the dial, they have become unique timepieces of their own. This exact watch you are looking at now, once brought a lot of joy to the first owner with the purchase years ago. And now many years later this vintage watch will bring the same joy to your life. With buying a vintage watch you are showing your commitment to protecting the enviroment, instead of supporting the mass production of modern fashion watches.


I hope this helps you with your decision of buying a vintage watch here at WRISTCLASSICS.

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