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PIAGET Ref. 9633 B68 18k Onyx Qatar Dial - 1980s

PIAGET Ref. 9633 B68 18k Onyx Qatar Dial - 1980s

Brand: Piaget
Year: 1980s

Reference Number: 9633 B68 
Material: 18k solid gold
Movement: handwind

Case Diameter without Crown: 31 mm
Bracelet/Strap: original Piaget brick bracelet, solid gold
Service-history: unknown, running well
What you should know: NOS condition, rare Onyx State of Qatar dial

PIAGET Ref. 9633 B68 18k Onyx Qatar Dial - 1980s


This is a true and beautiful example of vintage luxury. The Piaget 9633 is from the 1980s and is in unworn condition (NOS). The case and bracelet are made of 18k solid gold. This 9633 comes with a stunning black onyx dial featuring the coat of arms of the State of Qatar. The State Emblem of Qatar (Arabic: شعار قطر) is one of the official symbols of the State of Qatar. The emblem was originally introduced six years after the end of the British protectorate, when the country gained its independence under Sheikh Ahmad bin Ali Al Thani, and was designed under the rule of the Emir of Qatar Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani in 1976. The movement is an ultra-thin hand-wind movement that runs well and keeps time. Due to their exclusivity, these watches were only produced in small numbers and were mainly given as gifts to politicians - but to be honest: i have not seen a second one like this yet.


Why buying a vintage watch?


There are many great reasons to buy a vintage watch. Every watch we sell here at WRISTCLASSICS has its own story. Over the years, with every scratch, dent and aging of the dial, they have become unique timepieces of their own. This exact watch you are looking at now, once brought a lot of joy to the first owner with the purchase years ago. And now many years later this vintage watch will bring the same joy to your life. With buying a vintage watch you are showing your commitment to protecting the enviroment, instead of supporting the mass production of modern fashion watches.


I hope this helps you with your decision of buying a vintage watch here at WRISTCLASSICS.


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