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ROLEX Queen Midas Ref. 4313 - 1976

ROLEX Queen Midas Ref. 4313 - 1976

Brand: Rolex

Year: 1976

Model: Queen Midas

Reference: 4313

Midas number: 4796

Serial: 43XXXXX

Material: 18k yellow gold

Movement: cal. 650 manual winding, 18 jewels

Case diameter without crown: 24 mm

Bracelet/Strap: original Rolex brick bracelet 18k yellow gold

Service-history: unknown, running well

What you should know: rare Queen Midas - the ladies version of the famous King Midas, untouched condition


ROLEX Queen Midas Ref. 4313 - 1976


Launched in 1962, the King and Queen Midas was a limited edition designed by none other than the legend himself Gerald Genta. The watch the name after the King Midas. In Greek mythology, it was said that whatever he touched with his left hand turned to gold. This may be the reason why the crown in the shape of the sun is placed on the left side of the square case. The first Midas reference was the 9630 and was produced in a total edition of 1000 pieces, which also included the later references 3580 and 4315. Here we have the ladies version of the famous King Midas -  the so called Queen Midas. Interestingly, the unique numbering of each watch was maintained across all models. The number engraved on the back of the upper strap is 4946. This Midas is finished in yellow gold and is in good condition with sharp edges and well defined lines. Dating back to 1976 it does not appear to have been polished. The King and Queen Midas was produced in yellow same as white gold but only in small numbers. Compared to the King Midas, the Queen Midas is even rarer - the exact number of production? Hard to tell but probably not more than couple 100 pieces..


Why buy a vintage watch?


There are many great reasons to buy a vintage watch. Every watch we sell here at WRISTCLASSICS has its own story. Over the years, with every scratch, dent and aging of the dial, they have become unique timepieces of their own. This exact watch you are looking at now, once brought a lot of joy to the first owner with the purchase years ago. And now many years later this vintage watch will bring the same joy to your life. With buying a vintage watch you are showing your commitment to protecting the enviroment, instead of supporting the mass production of modern fashion watches.


I hope this helps you with your decision of buying a vintage watch here at WRISTCLASSICS.

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